"Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But not with God, everything is possible with God." -Mark 10:27 

"... Long live the King! Tell us the dream, and we will tell you what it means." (Daniel 2: 4,7,10)

Predictions of future events by dreams constituted an important domain in the ancient science of divination. The subject of prediction by fortune-tellers was treated deeply by the scholars of Greek divination.  

The Greeks deemed the psychological sensations of dreams as direct revelations from the gods, provided always that the mental preoccupations as physical conditions of the dreamer did not come in to confuse the soul in mortal influences. Hesiod, the Author of "Theogony, works and days" describes dreams as "sons of night and the brothers." 

To the Persians, dreams occupied a special place and they were deemed to come from their gods as messages predicting future occurrences. Therefore fortune-tellers were expected to interpret them for the king but also the general populace. 

Usually, the fortune-tellers could only forge an interpretation as long as they were disclosed the details of the dream. However, this time around Nebuchadnezzar could not disclose his dream more so, he had even forgotten about the vital details. He demanded to be told the details of the dream also.  

At the time God sent a series of dreams revealing prophetic messages which could be revealed and understood only by a servant of God.  

Revealing their weaknesses, irrationality, and illogical tenacity, the fortune-tellers told the King that "no one on earth" could know the dreams of another person insisting that what the King had asked them was humanly impossible.  

Because God was working through Daniel, he could tell the King's dream in detail and also offer the right interpretation.  

In our daily life, we face similar cases of impossibilities that would be hopeless if we are to apply our limited human abilities. But God specializes in working through us to achieve the impossibilities.  

Just as Daniel dealt wisely in what seemed to be an impossible situation, we can ask God to give us wisdom in a similar measure. 

Prayer Today: Heavenly Father, I often limit myself to what is humanly possible and forget that everything is possible with you. I also sometimes forget that you are far greater than any human hindrance, more powerful than any force on this planet earth. For even the winds of the sky, the birds of the sky, the forces of heaven and earth adore you. When I feel frightened and insufficient,  I will put my trust in you and remember that your power is limitless. When my problems feel impossible, I will hand them over to you, for you're whom all are possible.  In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I have prayed. Amen. 

Albert Collins Kyeyune